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FAME FILES: Amanda Bynes Playboy Offering Her OWN RADIO SHOW

"Ask Ashley" could be making a HUGE comeback ... with a dirty twist ... because TMZ has learned, Playboy is offering Amanda Bynes her very own radio show.

Playboy Radio offered Amanda a guest hosting gig yesterday -- but now, a rep for the station tells TMZ, execs want her around FULL-TIME ... and have officially submitted an offer for Amanda to host her OWN hour-long daily radio show.

The offer is for a one-week trial ... but if all goes well, we're told Amanda can extend the deal to a full year.

Playboy's pulling out all the stops to make her feel welcome too -- we're told the org. is willing to provide Bynes with a driver to take her to work ... as well as her very own producer to handle the show's logistics. Read more...