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FAME FILES: Ozzy Thought Sharon Was Trying To Kill Him

So just how bad did things get during Ozzy Osbourne's year-and-a-half relapse into booze and drugs? Well, according to sources who talked to Britain's Daily Star tabloid, the rocker got so high he became convinced wife Sharon was planning to murder him. He ran around their mansion shouting, "She's trying to kill me," the sources say. Sharon finally walked out after Ozzy went six days without sleeping or showering; at times, he had gone missing for hours or days, the source adds. Read more...

FAME FILES: Ozzy Osbourne Not Divorcing Sharon Osbourne, Admits Drug Relapse

Ozzy Osbourne is coming clean in more ways than one. Amid speculation that his 30-year marriage to Sharon Osbourne was nearing its end, the 64-year-old rocker shared a heartfelt and candid message with his Facebook friends on Monday, April 15. Read more...

FAME FILES: Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Divorce? Couple Responds to Rumors

Is Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's 31-year marriage coming to an end?

On Sunday (April 14), Britain's The Sun newspaper claimed that the rocker and his wife were on the brink of a divorce, reporting that the two were living apart -- Ozzy in a small rented apartment and Sharon at a Beverly Hills hotel a few miles away -- and had not seen each other in three weeks... Read more...