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NEW NUTS: Illinois Man Facing Foreclosure Finds $4.8 Million Lottery Ticket In Cookie Jar

Talk about serendipity: An Illinois man who has suffered through a string of setbacks the past couple years and was facing eviction on his home discovered a winning Illinois Lottery ticket worth $4.85 million in a cookie jar. Read more...


A 51-year-old grandmother from Toronto was shocked when she found out that she actually won $40 million, not $40,000, in the lottery. "When I went to the machine, I just see 40 because I'd never won this amount of money," Maria Carreiro told reporters. "I told [the clerk] can you check this for me please? He checks it. He doesn't even know himself and he's the store owner. I said, 'Never mind, I'll go home.'" But when she went home and told her daughter about her win, her daughter checked her numbers online just to be sure -- and lo and behold, they were $39,960,000 richer than they thought they were. (Just did that in my head -- jealous?) Read more...