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FAME FILES: Kelly Clarkson Reviews Miley's Performance

All right, so you know how everybody felt uncomfortable and violated and strangely sad after Miley Cyrus' already legendary VMA performance? How everybody is in some weird state of shock this morning, having all these upsetting flashbacks about twerking and tongues and teddy bears? It turns out that that reaction isn't just limited to us normal folks. Read more...

FAME FILES: Kelly Clarkson Cancels Her Wedding, is Totally Sane

--Kelly Clarkson on why she decided to cancel the big, beautiful wedding she was going to have, but gosh, let's all collectively hope that she still wears that gorgeous dress up there, even if it's just in front of her betrothed and the Justice of the Peace. Read more...

FAME FILES: Museum, Kelly Clarkson Both Want Jane Austen Ring

A Jane Austen museum is fighting to keep one of the author's rings in Britain after it was purchased by Kelly Clarkson. The former American Idol bought the gold-and-turquoise ring at a Sotheby's auction last year, for more than five times the estimated price. Up until that time the ring had remained in Austen's family; the Jane Austen's House museum had planned to buy it at auction but was outbid by Clarkson, a huge Austen fan. (Though the museum wants the ring, its fundraiser acknowledges it's "very good for Jane Austen PR that a young, famous American pop star expresses a love for her.") Read more...