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FAME FILES: Heidi Klum in Drunk, Public Spat With Bodyguard Beau

Apparently all is not rosy between Heidi Klum and "the help," otherwise known as her bodyguard boyfriend Martin Kirsten. A witness tells the New York Post he spotted Klum and Kirsten in a heated, drunken argument at a New York City restaurant Sunday night ... and it went on for an hour. Klum eventually left and "stumbled" (the Post's choice of words) down the block trying to get a cab, then came back and, the witness says, "stood in the doorway looking upset." Kirsten came out and they fought some more; he left; and Klum re-joined the friend they were with (believed to be her fellow judge on Germany's Next Top Model, Thomas Hayo) and continued drinking. Read more...

NEWS NUTS: Drunk Ump Passes Out On Field, Tries To Fight Medics, Is Arrested

A 49-year-old high school umpire, who witnesses say was "visibly under the influence," is in custody in an Illinois jail after he passed out on the field of a baseball game he was actively umpiring last Friday. Read more...