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It's That Time Of Year Again: World's Ugliest Dog 2013

For 364 days a year, contestants in a very special beauty pageant are the subject of snickers and insults. But on Friday, the dozens of pups vying for the title of the World's Ugliest Dog get to feel like the prettiest pooch at the ball. Read more...

What Your Dog's Breed Says About You

Not only does your neighbor George bear a striking resemblance to his bulldog Barry, but chances are, their resemblance is more than skin deep. Turns out that pet owners may also share their dogs' personalities, according to new research. Read more...

News Nuts: Ferrets Sold As Toy Poodles: Argentina Pet Dealers Reportedly Selling Weasels On Steroids

Apparently Argentinian bazaar salesmen are passing off ferrets on steroids as toy poodles -- and people believe them. Read more...

VIDEO: Toddler's Dog-Walking Joke Goes Viral

Ramona's Dog Henri Gets A Blueberry Facial