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FAME FILES: Why You Can't Get Tickets To The Hottest Concerts

Inside the secret world of concert ticket sales: When you try to buy seats to see your favorite artist, ever wonder why they sell out so quickly? The answer may surprise you. Read more...

FAME FILES: Beyonce's Ridiculous Tour Demands

If the Daily Star's source is to be believed, Beyonce might have some of the weirdest diva demands of all. Her tour rider includes some pretty standard stuff (no junk food, only green foods at the salad bar, snacks like almonds), but from there it gets interesting: Read more...

FAME FILES: Katy Perry's Concerts Make Her Dad Weep

Remember when Katy Perry's pastor parents claimed her divorce was a gift  from God? Well, that comment looks innocuous compared to the latest from Perry's dad, Keith: The Sun claims that, in his traveling sermons around the US, he plays a video calling his daughter a "devil child" and asks congregations to pray for her "healing." He also describes attending one of her concerts, and it does not sound like it was a pleasant experience for him. Read more...