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Chris Brown Released From Jail

Chris Brown has finally been released from jail, we've got the details here. Read more...

FAME FILES: Chris Brown Secret Service Could Save Him From Prison

The Secret Service -- charged with protecting the President of the United States -- could end up protecting Chris Brown from being sent to prison ... TMZ has learned.

Here's what we know. According to official D.C. documents -- obtained by TMZ -- a witness to the fight early Sunday morning told cops he heard the alleged victim tell a D.C. cop Brown NEVER HIT HIM. Read more...

FAME FILES: Chris Brown Prosecutors IGNORE Hit-and-Run Victim's Wish To Drop Case

Chris Brown is in a weird legal predicament in his hit-and-run case this morning -- the victim doesn't want him prosecuted, but we've learned the L.A. City Attorney is going full throttle to nail the singer. Read more...

FAME FILES: Worst Person In America Teams Up With Worst Charity In America

Every day, optimistic PR people fill our tips boxwith mumbo-jumbo about new sports websites, book review offers, and other pitches that usually get auto-tagged as spam and are subsequently binned. Today, though, we received the following—and it's so perfect we can't help but share it with you: Read more...

FAME FILES: Rihanna's Chris Brown Twitter Attack Was 'Moment Of Weakness She Regrets'

Rihanna's recent Twitter attack against ex-boyfriend Chris Brown was a "moment of madness," according to insiders one which the star regrets. The singer took to the social networking site to vent her anger in retaliation to her ex confirming she'd appear on his new album, insiders claim, something she now wishes she hadn't done. Read more...

FAME FILES: Chris Brown, Rihanna Breakup Brown Confirms Split, Talks Nude Photos

Looks like Rihanna and Chris Brown are on another break.

The R&B singer revealed he's celebrating his 24th birthday "solo" this year while talking to the "Kyle & Jackie O" radio show in Australia.

"I'm 23, I'm going to be in Vegas, so I want to really see as many girls as possible," Brown said while talking about his b-day plans.

Chris Brown's Explodes In Valet Incident