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FAME FILES: Amanda Bynes Parents Say Rehab Facility Is What She Needs

Amanda Bynes has been moved from the psych ward of a major hospital to a ritzy rehab place in Malibu for her own good ... so say her parents.

Rick and Lynn Bynes are responding to our story that Amanda was moved 3 weeks agofrom the UCLA Medical Center to The Canyon rehab facility in Malibu. Read more...

FAME FILES: Amanda Bynes Stability Comes At A High Price

Amanda Bynes is ensconced at the UCLA Medical Center -- where she'll be for at least 60 days and worst case scenario a full year.  And guess what it costs ... $3,500 a day.


The judge in the Amanda Bynes case just granted a temporary conservatorship to her parents.

The judge based his decision in no small part on the findings of an investigator he appointed to evaluate Amanda's mental health.

As we first reported ... Amanda was not in court, because doctors at the psychiatric hospital got a 1-month extension on her psych hold ... because she's "gravely disabled" with mental illness.

Amanda's lawyer told the judge ... she's spoken with the actress several times and Amanda opposes the conservatorship, believing it's not necessary.

The conservatorship not only covers Amanda's personal well-being, it gives her mom the ability to manage her finances.  Amanda's $4 million savings have been rapidly depleted, though it's unclear what she's been spending money on.  The judge cautioned the parents not to make any significant deals without consulting with Amanda's lawyer. Read more...

FAME FILES: Amanda Bynes WON'T Be Charged With a Crime

Amanda Bynesis in for a tough road ahead -- dealing with what looks like a serious mental illness and a conservatorship -- but she's not going to be charged with another crime . Read more...


Troubled AMANDA BYNESforcibly hospitalized on involuntary psychiatric hold.

FAME FILES: Amanda Bynes Playboy Offering Her OWN RADIO SHOW

"Ask Ashley" could be making a HUGE comeback ... with a dirty twist ... because TMZ has learned, Playboy is offering Amanda Bynes her very own radio show.

Playboy Radio offered Amanda a guest hosting gig yesterday -- but now, a rep for the station tells TMZ, execs want her around FULL-TIME ... and have officially submitted an offer for Amanda to host her OWN hour-long daily radio show.

The offer is for a one-week trial ... but if all goes well, we're told Amanda can extend the deal to a full year.

Playboy's pulling out all the stops to make her feel welcome too -- we're told the org. is willing to provide Bynes with a driver to take her to work ... as well as her very own producer to handle the show's logistics. Read more...

FAME FILES: Amanda Bynes’ Parents Concerned She May Be Suffering From Schizophrenia

“Amanda has heard voices for years, and was concerned she was being spied on via smoke alarms, and clocks in her home. She would cover electronic items because Amanda believed that was the only way she wouldn’t be spied on. It’s extremely sad situation because Amanda just refuses to get help.” Read more...

FAME FILES: Amanda Bynes Mug Shot Short Hair And A Scowl

Amanda Bynes had to remove her platinum blonde wig when she posed for her mug shot last night ... revealing a super short hair cut ... and Bynes didn't appear happy about it.

Bynes sported a scowl and a black shirt when she posed for the photo ... following a bong-throwing arrest in NYC last night. Read more...

FAME FILES: Amanda Bynes My Bong Was 'Just a Vase'

Amanda Bynes is back on the streets ... the judge released her on her own recognizance moments ago in NYC -- after she offered a hysterical excuse for her alleged bong-tossing arrest.

Amanda told the judge the bong cops say she threw out of her apartment window last night was "just a vase." Read more...