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Stop Hating On Cam!

Why can't Panthers' fans find SOMETHING nice to say about Cam Newton's men's clothing line at Belk? How successful would it be if he launched it AFTER he left football!?!? He's got to strike while he's hot! Cam and every other player in the NFL are just one nasty hit away from the permanent bench. Its smart to make $ while he cam (typo intended)! Read more...

Someone Hates Ramona's Hatred Of Cats

Complaint sent to my boss from a FOX Charlotte cat lady... Read more...

No Thong Song For Ramona

I'm still ticked at people who think the pic of Kary Bowser in a pink thong is me! Why on earth would people think this is ME giving my MOM a LAP DANCE while wearing a PINK THONG!?!? Gotta believe that if Satan designed undies he'd create something with a string that slides between your butt cheeks! Read more...


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