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The 10 Most-Hated Foods

Photo Credit: jenny downing via Compfight cc

What is the one food you hate the most?  For Matt Harris it has to be onions; he can barely eat them without gagging.

A new survey has found that anchovies are the most-hated food according to Brits, followed by chicken liver and olives.  Here's the top 10 most-hated foods:

1) Anchovies - 44%
2) Chicken Liver - 41%
3) Olives - 39%
4) Black pudding - 39%
5) Blue cheese - 38%
6) Goats cheese - 27%
7) Avocado - 24%
8) Brussel sprouts - 24%
9) Salami - 20%
10) Mushrooms - 15%

Do you find yourself picking a nasty item out of your food?  53% of people admit to picking a food they don't like out of their meal.  However, 52% have forced themselves to eat a food they dislike only because they didn't want to upset their host.


(H/T: The Daily Mail)


Stuff We Talked About