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10 Tattoos People Regret Getting

Photo Credit: doug_wertman via Compfight cc

The "tramp stamp" is the tattoo people regret getting the most, according to The Daily Mail.  A doctor who does tattoo removals put together a list of the tattoos people regret the most:

1) Tramp stamps
2) Bicep tattoos
3) An ex's name
4) A tattoo you got while drunk
5) A tattoo that's now distorted because of weight gain
6) Cheap, poorly-done tattoos
7) A tattoo that you can't hide when searching for a job
8) A band's name
9) Permanent eyebrows
10) A tattoo of any fleeting fad

Did you know that both Matt and his wife Amy have tattoos?  Amy has a tramp stamp, but the Mattman has a really random tattoo on his leg.  Remember how Kato Kaelin suddenly gained fame as a witness during the O.J. Simpson trial 20 years ago?  Well Matt got a tattoo of Kato's name, and still doesn't regret it to this day:


Stuff We Talked About