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Manscaping Is Up Over 30% Over The Past Decade

We're sorry that you had to view that horrifying picture of Matt, Bandy and Doc, but their silky-smooth chests are relevant to the story.

Hairless is the new trend among men as a new survey reports 39% of men in the U.S. now manscape, up from only 6% in 2005.

Manscaping, the trend of grooming hair below the neck, tends to be more common among Millennials and Hispanics according to the survey.

What are the most common areas men groom?

  • 70% - Groin
  • 44% - Chest
  • 38% - Armpits
  • 29% - Stomach
  • 24% - Back
  • 17% - Butt
  • 17% - Shoulders
  • 16% - Arms



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Stuff We Talked About