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Men Are Bigger 'Secret Spenders' Than Women

As we all know, women are known for their love of shopping (i.e. Ramona Holloway).  However, a new survey has found that men are actually more likely to lie about and hide items they've purchased from their partner.  41% of men admit to secretly buying things compared to 22% of women.

What are the top purchases people hide from their significant other?

  • 64% - Nights out
  • 46% - Clothes and beauty products
  • 22% - Leisure activity costs
  • 13% - Car and transportation costs
  • 8% - Vacation costs

Why do people hide their spending from their partner?

  • 84% - "I want to avoid aguments"
  • 42% - "I don't want to cause unnecessary worry"
  • 39% - "I feel guilty about the purchase

73% of women downplay the price of new purchases, and 61% pretend that new items are old ones.  Men on the other hand are inclined to flat out hide their purchases (64%) or destroy the receipt (59%).

It also looks like women are sneakier than men! Only 34% of women have been caught secretly spending, compared to 54% of men.


(H/T: The Daily Mail)


Stuff We Talked About