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FAME FILES: Mark Wahlberg Tears Tom Cruise a New Gaffe-Hole Over Afghanistan Comparison

Did you happen to hear about how Tom Cruise compared his job to being a soldier in Afghanistan? As in, his job of being an actor. He reportedly shared this jaw-dropping comparison during the deposition for his libel suit against Life & Style, saying that being on location for his movies is so difficult, it's like serving a military tour in Afghanistan. He added that his work is also more physically taxing than that of an Olympic athlete.

If you're rolling your eyes so far back in your head you can actually see your own brain stem, you have a kindred soul in Mark Wahlberg. Wahlberg was recently asked about his training for Lone Survivor, his Navy SEAL movie that's coming out on December 27, and his response was not only ... ahhh, "spirited" ... I'm guessing it was also aimed at least partially at Tom Cruise's inflated ego.


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Stuff We Talked About