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The Wide World Of Wheezy: State Of The Schools Address

Parents, students, teachers, administrators and taxpayers welcome to State of the Schools address.  The fall of 2013 finds us with renewed concerns about student achievement and safety.  The future of these kids boils down to one word... ACCOUNTABILITY!  If you refuse to be held accountable then SHAME ON YOU!

Parents... We're holding you accountable for modeling healthy behavior at home.  If mom and dad are brawling at Chuck-E-Cheese, guess what junior is gonna do at school.  Make good grades a priority by using PowerSchool as a tool.  Get your child involved in rewarding after school activities.  Don't let the computer be your babysitter, monitor what's happening online.   Do you know their social media login information?  If not, SHAME ON YOU!

Students...  We're holding you accountable for your actions online and in the classroom.  When you pass around nasty pictures of other kids, fight, skip homework or choose not to go to class... the only person you can blame for your poor performance is YOU.  Getting an education is your job.  Your grades are your pay check.  If you choose to make your teacher your enemy and negative kids your best friends then, SHAME ON YOU!

 For teachers... We're holding you accountable for classroom management and effective lesson planning.  Learn how to spot mental illness,  reward good behavior, don't wait for kids to ASK for help.   If you choose to only focus on test scores to keep your job, then SHAME ON YOU.

 Administrators... We're holding you accountable for teacher training and nurturing good relationships between your school and the community.  Promote PowerSchool and lay out your crisis plan to make sure parents, teachers and students know what to do when safety is compromised. If teachers, parents and kids don't think your school is a safe, productive place to learn then SHAME ON YOU!

 and finally, to the Taxpayers... I'm holding all of you accountable for taking pride in your schools.  Volunteer, mentor or donate...  If you choose to criticize  instead of offering solutions, then SHAME ON YOU.


Here are some websites to help make it a more successful year for parents, students and teachers. 



PowerSchool, connecting parents with schools



A Child's Place, helping to erase the impact of homelessnes on children



Time Out Yourth, offering support for LBG teens



Big Brothers, Big Sisters



Volunteer opportunities"Children%20and%20Youth%20Ministry"&fq=content_type:opportunity#fq=service_areas:"Children


Stop bullying


Discovery Education, free student resources from Discovery Education

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