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What Her Eating Habits Say About Her Bedroom Habits

Want to know what a woman’s like in bed? Pay attention to these clues at the dinner table.

You've just met a great new girl, and think she could be the one. So it's natural you're a little nervous about breaking bread with your potential mate. Chances are, if she's into you, she's got a similar case of the butterflies – even if she appears to be calm, cool and collected. Instead of wondering if this date could lead to the two of you walking down the aisle together, or getting physical after dinner, experts suggest paying attention to the following signs and signals women throw out while sharing a meal.

The indecisive orderer

Fish or chicken … oh wait, maybe filet? If your date just can't decide what she wants to eat, experts say she might be seeking a dominant partner in bed.

She (finally!) orders a burger

Dining with a woman who loves to sink her teeth into a juicy piece of meat or burger? Should the date go well (really well!) and you end up back at her place, be prepared for a long night.

The slow eater

If it takes her forever to finish that burger – or any meal – because she savors every bite, she may want to take things slow in the bedroom, too. "This woman likely wants to savor and enjoy the experience with her partner much like she would experience food," says Colin Christopher, a clinical hypnotherapist, relationship coach and author.

She sticks to salad

The magnesium in spinach can put your date in a very good mood, says JJ Virgin, celebrity nutritionist and New York Times best-selling author of The Virgin Diet. "Magnesium can relieve anxiety and promote calmness," she says.

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