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Forget Crosswords - Having an ORGASM is More Effective at Giving The Brain A Workout, Claims Leading Scientist

Orgasms could give our brains a better workout than doing a crossword puzzle or a Sudoku, a neuroscientist has claimed.

The sensation increases brain activity across the whole organ whereas a puzzle activates only relatively localised regions, said Professor Barry Komisaruk.

The academic, who published the first evidence of brain regions involved in orgasm in women almost a decade ago, also said the sensation of sexual climax blocks pain.

‘At orgasm we see a tremendous increase in the blood flow (to the brain). So my belief is it can't be bad. It brings all the nutrients and oxygenation to the brain,’ he told The Times.

‘Mental exercises increase brain activity but only in relatively localised regions. Orgasm activates the whole.’

The professor, who works at Rutgers University in New Jersey, U.S., came to his conclusions after studying women in his laboratory at the university's Department of Psychology.

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Stuff We Talked About