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Are You Erotophilic or Erotophobic? FEMAIL Sexpert Tracey Cox Helps Determine YOUR Sex Personality...

Are you an erotophilic or erotophobic? A lusty, adventurous energiser, or a connector who is more interested in connecting hearts than parts?

All of us have a sex personality, and understanding yours (and your partner's) is the key to having great sex together.

Identify both your natural sex styles, then learn from each other's strengths and learn to live with the limitations...




Catch you on a good day and you're an exciting, seductive creature who mesmerizes and dazzles your lovers with bucket loads of confidence, extraordinary technique and unbridled enthusiasm. The downside is you're a little self-absorbed and like to be top of the game in everything you do - including sex.



Cautious and cooperative, as the name suggests, you'll do anything for a peaceful life. Kind and generous, you initially present as heaven on a stick - especially to someone who's just emerged, bruised and battered from a relationship with a demanding energizer. But - unusually - you'd rather give than receive pleasure. You don't like talking about sex problems and tend to clam up.


For you, sex is more about expressing love and feelings than it is physical release. You're less interested in sexual performance and more focused on the emotional benefits of sex: intimacy rather than orgasm is your aim.


It's not that you don't enjoy sex, it's just something that's often fraught with anxiety. You often feel under pressure to perform and worry you're inadequate - both in how you look and what you're doing in bed.


You like routine both in and out of the bedroom and the feeling of being in control. You dislike change and find it quite stressful so the impromptu sexual surprise that would thrill others, instead freaks you out. Predictable sex that follows a tried-and-true set pattern is your idea of sexual nirvana.

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Stuff We Talked About