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Facebook Why Do You Have So Many Unfriend Requests

A recent study has shown that we become sick and tired of a contact’s endless peachy updates is the number one reason for unfriending on the Social Media site.

The poll found that we are more likely to hide a friend’s updates or un-friend them altogether if we perceive their news as veiled boasting.

The site spoke to 820 members of Facebook and asked them what, if anything, had driven them to unfriend.

Top Ten Reasons For Unfriending

1. Bragging 68%
2. Gushing / lovey dovey updates 61%
3. Don’t see them in real world 57%
4. Too frequent 49%
5. Annoying status updates 41%
6. Inappropriate photos 34%
7. Too personal 27%
8. Bad language 22%
9. Friending our friends 14%
10. Jealous of their holidays 11%


Stuff We Talked About