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10 Facebook Rules for Parents

As parents it is our responsibility to help our kids navigate Facebook. Silently. Below are 10 rules written by tweens and teens for you.

1. Don’t write on my wall. If you want to tell me something, text me.

2. Don’t post dorky or baby photos of me and tag me in them. They might be cute to you but I don’t enjoy when my friends make fun of me.

3. Don’t friend my friends. Think of it as a slumber party. You aren’t supposed to hang out with us. It’s creepy. It’s not fun to have the creepy mom on Facebook. Or anywhere really.

4. Don’t comment on photos I’m tagged in. It’s like having Aunt Betsy squeeze my cheeks.

5. Don’t tell all your friends a story about me on Facebook, for example that my bedroom is a mess or that I have a new girlfriend and tag me in the post. Humiliating. You wouldn’t much like it if I shared your “issues” on Facebook.

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Stuff We Talked About