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FAME FILES: Catherine Giudici Is Already Trying to Ruin Sean Lowe's Bachelor Party

Just when we thought they couldn't possibly get any cheesier as a couple -- Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's bachelor/bachelorette party plans have been revealed. It's now obvious that they intend on being as lame as possible until they tie the knot.

Get this one -- they're not having separate parties. Nope. They plan on doing a joint celebration because, in Sean's words, "it's a good way to stay out of trouble."

Trouble? Did he say trouble? Well, shut my mouth -- Sean's got a bad boy streak hidden up underneath those rock-hard abs.

And something tells me Catherine is well aware of this little secret.

OMG, don't you see what's going on here? A joint bachelor/bachelorette party? What dude in his right mind agrees to something like that -- unless his bride-to-be absolutely insists on it?

Catherine is a lot of things, but stupid definitely isn't one of them. (She's a total smarty-pants.)

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