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RECAP: Matt and Doc's Trip to Vegas for the What Not To Wear Finale

Matt and Doc embarked on their trip to Vegas for the What Not To Wear finale.



They found out they’re staying in a pretty fancy suite at the Venetian/Palazzo.



Doc found out the room is stocked full of candy and sex stuff:



Within 10 minutes of arriving to the hotel, Matt needed a drink or two...



Most of the night Matt kept trying to remember “that place where fire shoots out.” After about an hour, he finally found it.



Matt headed to bed early to rest up for his big day.



The next day, Matt woke up bright an early. What a beautiful day!! Matt said the room has a crappy view because it doesn’t overlook the strip. He said, “No one cares about a golf course and mountains!!”



At breakfast Matt crowned himself the King of Liquids. He ordered orange juice, coffee, water and a mimosa.



It’s about time for Matt to head to his wardrobe fitting, but first he needed to take a shower.  Ever wonder what Matt singing in the shower sounds like?



Matt finally showed his clothing options to the wardrobe ladies:



Matt’s ready to go for the What Not To Wear finale!!



At the finale, Stacy and Clinton arrive....



And Matt found a way to say hi.



After the bulk of the finale episode had been filmed, the crew went around the party interview past contributors, and Matt put his two cents in:



Doc left the event to find food, but Matt demanded his presence at the after party:



Matt forced Doc to dance with a couple of random women.



Afterward, Matt ran into Clinton in the casino, and the Mattman was ready to party some more...



While Matt was doing that, Doc decided to do a little gambling



The next morning, Matt woke up shouting expletives because he partied too late the night before, and he had a morning flight back home.







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