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READ: The Matt & Ramona Show "Googlegangers"

GOOGLEGANGER: The person with your name who shows up in search results when you Google yourself.


Matt Harris, devoted jazz educator, performer, and composer. From the L.A. studio scene to Director of Jazz Studies at California State Northridge, Matt is a versatile artist and in-demand clinician whose works are commissioned worldwide.


In 1974, Ramona Holloway --- initially hired as Robert --- was fired after telling her employer, Arthur Andersen and Company, that she was taking hormones and intended to transition.

In a lawsuit challenging that firing, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit noted that, after the disclosure of Holloway's intended transition, "an official of the company suggested that appellant would be happier at a new job where her transsexualism would be unknown."  Soon thereafter, when she did not leave the company after asking that her name be changed in the company's records, she was fired.


Post Doctoral Associate, University of Florida, Horticultural Sciences Department


Doc's dad!


Stuff We Talked About