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Someone Hates Ramona's Hatred Of Cats

Complaint sent to my boss from a FOX Charlotte cat lady...


"Ramona made a comment on the 19th that she HATES cats. She should keep those thoughts to herself. That was a very tacky, unprofessional statement to make."


Unprofessional!?!? How am I supposed to respond to this!?!? I'm on a show that requires me to give my opinion, and my opinion of cats? Cats = creepy. I'm a dog lady `til the day I die! Its not like I want to round up her house-cats and feed them to the growing coyote population. BTW, I hate coyotes too and most rodents with the exception of chipmunks and gerbils. I'm not fond of goats. opossum or buzzards. I don't think that makes me tacky and unprofessional, I think that makes me an indoor kind of girl.


Stuff We Talked About