General Text Message Contest Rules...

Text-Specific Contest Rules

Text Messaging:
If there is any dispute about the identity of an entrant, the registered user of the text message account on the date of entry will be the recognized entrant. All participants acknowledge that messages are distributed by third-party mobile network providers and Station cannot control certain factors relating to message delivery. Participants acknowledge that, depending on the recipient’s mobile provider service, it may not be possible to transmit the message to the recipient successfully. Station assumes no responsibility for, and does not guarantee in any way, the availability or performance of any mobile, text or data service, including liability for transmission delays or message failures.

Station does not charge a fee for text entries. It is each entrant’s responsibility to check with their individual carrier and mobile/data plan, as other charges may apply. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT TEXTS TO THE STATION MAY RESULT IN ONE OR MORE AUTOMATIC BOUNCE BACK MESSAGES, FOR WHICH PARTICIPANTS MAY INCUR A FEE FROM THEIR PROVIDER. Station assumes no responsibility for charges incurred for text- messaging, including (without limitation) charges resulting from any bounce back messages or contest notices from the Station.

For texting contests in which entrants are asked to text specific information to a designated telephone line at a particular time or times (as announced by Station): At the time that texts are solicited, the criteria for winning will be announced (for example, first text message received with the correct answer). Only those text messages sent to the specific phone number provided, at the time texting is solicited, will be eligible to win. Texting to the main Station phone number or any other phone number are not eligible. Winners will be selected in accordance with the criteria announced when text messages are solicited.