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Random Thoughts During A Road Trip

I recently made a road trip home to Ohio to the tune of 16 hours in a car, BY MYSELF.  The following are random thoughts that came to me while I was driving.

-If I suck my stomach in and hold it for a 5 count will that be the same as doing one sit-up?

-I really wish you could drink coffee without having to go to the bathroom immediately after.  That is Sooooo inconvenient.

-I want a pet deer.  Not a dead one that was run over but an actual live deer to  play with Nala.

-Man...there are no good radio stations in West Virginia.  There are a lot of trees though.

-How can anyone who lives in the mountains not be bat s*^t crazy?

-Amish women have it made.  They can wear the same clothes all the time and never have to worry about shaving. 

-I wonder if anyone has taken a selfie with a cow.  I'd probably get an ear bitten off if I tried. 

-Is it possible for your butt to get larger after sitting on it for 8 hours straight?  I'm changing my name to Kelly Kardashian.

Photo compliments of Flickr