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Is It Doughnut Or Donut?

I LOVE my job!  I get to play fun music and meet great people and when I'm sent out of studio to "work" I get to do the neatest stuff.  I host parties, introduce musicians on stage, emcee fashion shows, play beach games with listeners in Hilton Head, etc.  But one of the most fun things I've ever gotten to do was eat donuts to help raise money for the Special Olympics!

Each year, Rock Hill officers make camp at a local Krispy Kreme for three days from 6a-11p.  To add to the fun of their fundraising, for the athletes of the Special Olympics of South Carolina, they hold doughnut eating contests each day.  (Is it donut or doughnut? I have no idea so I'm using both spellings equally.)

Check out my competitive eating skills and the lucky winner of the Cops On Donut Shops Doughnut (Donut) Eating Contest 2014! Best of luck to all the athletes competing in the Special Olympic USA Games in June!