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Kelly's Blog


I'm A Terrible Test Taker!

I took an MRI test on Friday and failed miserably.  Seriously.  If they handed out grades for that sort of thing I would have scored an F.  But it wasn't my fault, I was jinxed!

When I showed up for my appointment I wasn't nervous at all. The idea of lying still inside a narrow tube for 20 minutes actually sounded relaxing to me.  As for the loud noises, I'm used to tuning out obnoxious sounds because I work with guys like Matt and Bandy. (ZING!)  But when I laid down on that narrow, remote controlled cot and Laura and Debbie from Ortho Carolina Spine Center told me not to move or I'd ruin the test, all I could think about was how badly I wanted to move! 

I was on the cot, inside the tube, wearing headphones and listening to 80's music- completely and totally relaxed- when suddenly it happened.  I moved.  It was just a little twitch in my shoulder but it was uncontrollable.  I didn't think they'd notice but after 5 minutes the test stopped and Debbie said through the speaker, "Kelly.  You moved.  Lie still so we can try it again."  So I took a deep breath and thought to myself, "don't move.  just relax and enjoy listening to The Final Countdown by Europe.  but no singing.  that would count as moving and you don't want to get into trouble."  Well I was so fixated on not moving my head, mouth or shoulder that I didn't realize I was tapping my toes to one of my favorite songs EVER!  Needless to say, round two of the MRI test....epic fail!

It wasn't until the end of the 4th attempt that I managed to lie still enough for them to get a complete scan to share with my doctor.  Bottom line:  the next time I need an MRI I'm going to ask for drugs.