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I'm In Love!

I'm in love and I want to get married.....
To Sandals Grande Antigua Resort and Spa! Do you think that's weird? Has it ever been done before?  Seriously, during my "Work-ation" at Sandals I've been treated like royalty (I'M NOT WORTHY!)  and I don't want this feeling to end!  Anthony, my boss, traveled with me as my producer and was really shocked by how friendly people in Antigua are.  Everywhere you go the Sandals staff say hello, smile, and ask you if you need anything- which really freaked Anthony out.  Personally, I love it because I'm a very cheery person and I've never met a stranger.  

Bianca waited on me at the Bayside Restaurant during lunch one day and said, "I can tell just by looking at you that you need a Mojito."  Unlike Anthony I was not freaked out by her amazing intuition and instead responded by saying, "what do you know, I was craving a Mojito when I woke up this morning! (and I really was!)  Bianca and I became fast friends, needless to say.   Latoya (Miss Jackson if you're nasty) was my favorite bartender at the swim up bar in the party pool, which is between the Mediterranean Village and the Caribbean Grove, and she was SO fun that I think she's my sister from another mister! She was a terrible influence, though, because I was here to "work" yet I'd go there for one beverage and she'd convince me to stay for two more!  (I've been a very bad girl this week!)  

Sylvia made me amazing coffee drinks at the Cafe De Paris and even put chocolate drizzled hearts on the froth to make it extra special.  And she kept tempting me with those delicious, homemade desserts that you can get anytime of the day, any day during your stay.  Sylvia is a very bad, bad girl- and my new buddy.

I'll tell you what, from the ridiculously attentive staff (who are a bad influence in every way that's fun and fabulous!) to the nightly entertainment and delicious cuisine- it's impossible to travel to a Sandals Resort and not have a good time...not to mention, fall in love.

Oh, and I can't forget why I came to Sandals to begin with- how silly of me!  My show went on without a hitch while at Sandals Grande Antigua- which is all due to the staff at Clear Results Marketing, Unique Vacations, and Silver Lake Audio- who are the BOMB!  Thanks to Lauren and Maureen, April and Amanda, and Brian and Thomas!  The Link listeners loved the show, everything sounded great, and the interviews with Esther from Island Routes, Dominic from P.R.., Donovan from Guest Services, and Chef Michael (who rocks it out as Executive Sous Chef)- made my listeners want to book their trip with Sandals immediately.  Thanks for everything, and I'm seriously shopping for a ring now.  What size do you think I should buy for an entire resort?