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Feeling Blessed

Feeling Blessed In The Bahamas!

After going through a lot of grief and trauma over several years with the deaths of family members and close friends, as well as my sister Kathryn's tragic bike accident- I find joy in the simplest things in life. A blue sky, being able to watch Scandal uninterrupted while enjoying a glass of my favorite wine, and laughing with friends during neighbor really doesn't take much to make me happy. That being said, I cannot even begin to express how giddy I am to have been able to "work" at Sandals Emerald Bay!
Typically I'm in a small room with concrete walls and only a window looking out into the hall for a 5 hour show every day, but this week I got to broadcast live from gorgeous Great Exuma Bahamas!  Home to the likes of Johnny Depp, and Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, the beauty of Great Exuma is indescribable so I've posted photos to share at keyword emeraldbay.  Warning:  the minute you see that gorgeous blue water you'll be on-line booking your trip to Sandals!
Speaking of, it's really freeing to vacation the all-inclusive way.   All land and sea activities, as well as all food and drink, are included in your stay- so you don't have to carry your purse or wallet with you.   With that in mind, I did my best to take full advantage of the opportunity!  I ate escargot and lobster tail at La Parisienne, and enjoyed delicious desserts at Cafe De Paris.   I toasted to new friends at the Drunken Duck Pub, and enjoyed a Limoncello or two at Il Cielo.  (Delicious!)   I went snorkeling, kayaking, rode the water bike and even swam with the pigs!  Most importantly, I've met amazing people that I won't soon forget.
Special thanks to Lauren, Julie, Lisa and the rest of the Clear Results peeps, as well as Phil and all of the lovely Sandals representatives.  And big ups to Hot Brian and Toned Up Thomas for the quality engineering while on site! 
...and now, back to reality!