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Chatting About Personal Grooming

I had the most bizarre conversation with a friend of mine the other day while at the movies.    Just as the previews were beginning she leaned in and said, "you're not going to believe what I did yesterday.  I got a Brazilian at the wax place down the road."  She was right, I didn't believe it.  I responded (using my 'Are you crazy?' voice)  "You let a total stranger see your entire business area just so you didn't have to shave for a few weeks?"  She replied, "Really it's no big deal.  It's just like going to the doctor."  To that I remarked, "W.T.H.?????"

Going to the gynecologist once a year to make sure all your pieces parts are in order, and that you don't have cancer, is a lot different then having some complete stranger not only look at- but apply hot wax to your special place for vanity purposes!  I'm not judging, but I just can't imagine myself going to a wax center and paying to have someone groom me.  Would I be wearing a bag over my head after consuming a few adult beverages and being challenged in a dollar dare?  Would my receiving a Brazilian wax from a total stranger save someone's life or inspire world peace?  No?  Then it's not happening! 

My friend, who shall remain nameless, then told me she'll be going back every 4 weeks- which I think is crazy.  She'll be having an intimate relationship (sort of) with a stranger (not for long) and paying for it!   I asked if she tipped the gal 50% considering the service and considering the fact that I tip 30% after getting a pedicure when all they have to do is touch my feet.  She said that would be ridiculous and that she felt fine paying the rate plus 20% since she isn't "Chewbacca-like".  In fact, she made me laugh out loud when she told me she didn't feel all that insecure because she knew she wouldn't be the worst thing the gal had seen all day.


I wonder what men talk about when they're out together.