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On-Line Dating Hiatus

That's it. I need a time out from this on-line dating crap. I signed up for Match a little over two months ago and have really tried to remain open minded about the possibility of meeting someone decent on-line. So far I've been matched up with men who aren't any match at all. In my profile I said I was looking for men ages 40 to 50, yet I receive matches from men ages 26 to 66. If I wanted to rob the cradle or change someone's Depends I would have written that in my profile! I also mentioned that health and fitness are important to me, yet I'm constantly matched with men who must consider "gaming" as a physical activity. BALLPARK it for me Match, come on!

Just when I think I might have found a match that was worth looking into: Ballpark fit and attractive, into health and fitness, can pay his own bills, won't feel intimidated by a woman who can pay her own bills, etc.- I read in his profile the list of "Must Haves" when searching for his soul mate: "She needs to be more thin than athletic and I would prefer she looks like Penelope Cruz." Well, I guess that rules me out. I'm more of a curvier version of Marg Helgenberger but I guess that doesn't do it for him.

The last guy I had a date with, who I thought was a nice guy and I had hoped to get to know better, invited me over to his place after we'd had a lunch/movie date. We hadn't even held hands or kissed, and we'd barely even just met, and his next step was to invite me over to cook dinner for me and show me his etchings? I imagined him answering the door in a smoking jacket while holding a tray of oysters on the half shell. Needless to say, I politely declined and then decided I was taking a break from Match.

Until later!