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I'm Afraid I Might Be Murdered....

...and buried in a ditch! Seriously people. This on-line dating stuff is starting to scare me.

I've been getting date requests daily, which is a bit overwhelming, so I created a system in hopes of narrowing down the list in order to weed out the wackos. The Kelly McKay "Is He Normal Or Is He A Serial Killer On-Line Dating System" involves: Deleting any of the matches whose status reads "Currently Separate" (as they're still legally married- no thanks) or "Wants Kids" (as I can't have children). Then I respond to the emails from men who seem somewhat attractive, and have similar interests, with more personal questions. For example: if they have children I ask whether or not they spend a lot of time with them. Reason being, although I would be happy to date a man who has children, I won't date a man who is a bad parent. Make sense? Finally, once I come across someone who might have dating potential I email again and ask if he'd be interested in meeting out for a cup of coffee or a drink. Sounds like an effective system, don't you think? Well, one guy who'd made it past the first round of "Is he normal or is he a serial killer" questioning emailed to confirm our plans and added, "I moved to Charlotte to find my one true love. The story about Cinderella is true. I am the prince in search of the princess, and she looks like you"!!!! WTF? So I wrote back and said, "On second thought. I think I'll have to pass."

Another guy who had sent a nice email, and seemed like someone I could connect with, emailed a second time with sentiments about my rear end! Seemingly nice at first, then a raging pervert! Once again, WTF?!

Needless to say, I haven't had a date in a week but it's not for a lack of trying!