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I Must Have Suffered A Head Injury!

I am the queen of bizarre dreams, to the point where I even contacted a dream analyst and paid to have interpretation done, so I'm wondering if there's something wrong with me or if bizarre dreaming is normal for others. Maybe I have normal dreams but just don't care to remember them, I don't know.

One of my most memorable dreams involved me being fixated on a zit on my chin. In my dream I was looking in the mirror and poking and prodding this tumor zit I'd named Tina. Then, finally, I popped it and my face unraveled! 
The dream analyst woman said that I was considering change in my life but procrastinating.
Another dream involved nasty black, hairy spiders. In the dream I saw myself sleeping, and then watched myself wake up to a giant spider dangling from the ceiling right over my face. Then, as I opened my mouth to scream, a bunch of other spiders crawled out of my mouth and crawled up the bigger spider and back up to the ceiling. 
The dream analyst woman said that spiders signify change. Go figure.
I also have regular dreams that involve me saving someone's life- whether it be via CPR or by kicking some big creeper's butt to prevent him from hurting a friend or co-worker. I had chalked those dreams up to the fact that I'd actually rescued someone once and done CPR back when I was a lifeguard. And the other because I'd been attacked a couple of times over the years. (Radio can be a tough gig for a woman but we'll save those stories for another blog.)  

Guess what the dream analyst woman said. You guessed right. Change is a comin'!!!!
I love change. I thrive on change. And I constantly love doing new things, going to new places and meeting new people. So how much more change could I possibly handle? I just think I'm a little off in the head, and I think dream analysts are a bunch of phony money grubbers!