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Flight Delays

I'm at the airport with producer Billy and we're head to Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica for a live broadcast. Our flight was supposed to leave at 10:55 but we were told there was a mechanical difficulty so they were getting us a new plane. Of course, everyone starts freaking out and that's when Billy and I head to the bar for a cocktail. Why all the anger and the panic? Would they rather the plane broke down in mid-air? After a beverage we were told that our two hour delay has become four. Once again, pandemonium! Yet Billy and I look at each other and then walk to the bar for a cocktail. We've both enjoyed people watching and posted some photos to The Kelly McKay Facebook page to share with the class. My philosophy is, and Billy agrees, we'll get there when we get there. Why can't other people calm down and take a deep breath and remind themselves that stuff happens? I guess they haven't had a drink today.