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I find it ironic that I love to read yet whenever I buy something that comes with an instruction manual my eyes glaze over. Give me a good mystery or suspense novel and a free Saturday and I'll read that puppy in a day. I think I read all of the Twilight series books in a weekend. I love to read. Instruction manuals....not so much.

For example, I've owned my car for 6 years and just recently learned how to use my brights at night and only because a friend showed me. When I first bought the car I tried pushing every button and pulling ever lever on the console and steering wheel, yet couldn't figure out how to keep the brights turned on. I could pull the lever towards me and they came on for a moment- that I knew. So I opened the instruction manual in hopes of finding an answer to my problem yet never even managed to find the "how to turn on your brights" page. Next I picked up the phone and called the dealer for help but after 10 minutes on hold I gave up on my mission. Since then I continued to drive at night either without brights, or while constantly pulling the lever towards me so I could have brights temporarily when I needed them. Fast forward 6 years and my friend Tammy was in the car with me when I was complaining about how annoying it was that I had to pull the lever towards me and hold it in order for my brights to work and she said, "Kelly. PUSH the lever away from you don't PULL it towards you." What do you know- it was like magic! I pushed the lever away from me and my brights went on and stayed on. TA-DA!!!!

Well today I went to Target and bought a heart rate monitor because my trainer at Fitness Together suggested I use one when doing my cardio workouts. Guess what it came with? You guessed it- instructions! Very, very confusing instructions. I can't even figure out how to put the chest-thingy on because I don't know how it unhooks! There's no picture for that in the booklet and I can't find the section that explains how to do it. As for the watch I'm supposed to wear that the chest-thingy sends statistics too- don't even get me started on that. There are so many buttons on it and then small print on the side that I can't even read with my readers on! I looked at the booklet and about fell over because it's so con-freakin'-fusing! For the love of all that is good and holy! Can't some little guy stand in the isle at the store when I'm buying something that comes with directions and then explain to me in a sweet and patient voice how to use the darn thing? Is that too much to ask for?