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Can You Get Me Some Tickets?

My Twitter buddy Shannon asked me if I ever get hit up for tickets by complete strangers, and I couldn't help but laugh out loud. I've been in radio since I was 18 years old so not only have hundreds of complete strangers asked me for tickets over the years, but often in embarrassing or uncomfortable ways. For example, when I lived in Gorham, New Hampshire I was outside my apartment shoveling snow when a truck driver pulled up, beeped his horn and waved me over. When I walked over he said, "The word is you're Kelly from the Peak. Can you get me some tickets to the next Patriots game?" Had I known him I'm sure I could have gotten him Patriots tickets, as that was back when they sucked so bad gas stations couldn't even give away Patriots beer mugs with a fill-up. Since I had no idea who this guy was, and since I was a bit shaken that "word had gotten out" about where I lived, I just told him no and that I was sorry and went back to shoveling snow.

When I lived in Columbus, Ohio I was on a date with a guy who didn't know I was a radio personality. Because dating is tough when you have a public job I have learned to keep my job a secret until a guy has a chance to get to know me for me instead of as Kelly from the radio. My date and I had just sat down when the waitress came over and said, "Oh my gosh you're Kelly McKay! I listen to you all the time on WBNS. Can you get me tickets to the Stevie Ray Vaughn show?" The waitress didn't get any tickets and that guy never called me again. Side note- I went to see Stevie Ray Vaughn and the Fabulous Thunderbirds in concert and then a week or so later Stevie Ray was killed in a helicopter crash. I'll never forget that show- or Stevie.

Later I started working for The Power Pig in Tampa, Florida. Every year our Pig-a-palooza was THE show everyone wanted a ticket to. One year, just a week before the concert, I had been in a car accident and was at the hospital getting x-rays when the tech looked at my chart, saw where I was employed and asked if I could get him the hook up to the show. Keep in mind I'd just been rear-ended by an illegal Cuban who was driving without a license, in a stolen vehicle, and he'd hit me doing 45 when I was stopped at a light. Even with my seatbelt on I'd hit the steering wheel so hard it fell off and into my lap. I was laying on the gurney wondering if I was going to die yet this ding dong was hitting me up for Pig-a-Palooza tickets! WTF!

My favorite "Can You Get Me Some Tickets" story is from Indianapolis and it's a doozy. I was at my yearly appointment, in the stirrups, when the nurse practitioner (who was filling in for my regular doctor) inserted the COLD speculum into my special place and, all of a sudden, popped up from between my legs and said, "I recognize your voice! I love WZPL and I would love to see Sting. Can you get me some tickets?" I wanted to kick her in the head, and would have had the speculum not been lodged inside of me at the time.

So, yes, Miss Shannon- strangers do ask me for tickets quite often. However, these days even radio personalities have to pay to go to a concert so now I can honestly tell everyone who asks, "No. I'm so sorry. I really can't get you some tickets."