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And It Just Keeps Getting Better

When I first signed up for on-line dating I really thought it would be the key to me meeting someone nice who might end up being a keeper. Although I have met and chatted with some nice men, the majority of guys emailing me are absolute nut balls or creepers!

Don't take my word for it. I just received a message from SexyB which read: "You MUS ( no type-o here. He spelled must, M-U-S) but I digress "You MUS has some gold in your pants seein' as how everyone wants to get in 'em". Was that a question? Does Mr. Country McBumpkin' Pants WANTS to go and get us a cup of coffee? How do I respond to that? I don't.

Then there's JustTryMe who wrote: "I'm looking for someone. Not something. When you are with the right person all you see is a halo." To that I say, "WTF?!"

And would you get a load of HotLUVR. His email read: "When can we meet?" No, "Hi. How are you? What do you like to do for fun?" Holy Moly.

Moving on to Mr. StayingPut who asked me if we could chat. I said, "sure". Then he asked how to get a hold of me. I responded, "Well, just like this. By email for now." Haven't heard from him since. Why would I give some guy I've never emailed, or met in person, my private information? Scary thing is it's obvious other women have.

I've also had some of my girlfriends check out the guys I've been matched up with and all of them have recognized several of the guys as being on the service for years. Did they have bad luck, go away for a while and then come back, or are they serial daters? Regardless, I'm not judging them- I'm just planning to avoid them.

So, for now, I'll stick with casual dates with the nice guys and save the nut ball and creeper email for you. Sharing is caring!