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Diary Of A NASCAR Virgin

I went to the Bank Of America 500 with my friends Jean and Tim, and Producer Katie from The Link, and I had a blast. This was my first NASCAR experience so I had no idea what I was in for- what a people watching extravaganza! The following are thoughts I had while at the Charlotte Motor Speedway which sum up my feelings about NASCAR racing.

1. It's a lot louder than I thought it would be.

2. The smells are interesting. Burnt rubber, cigarettes and beer. Appetite suppressant, FO SHO.

3. The cars are really pretty...well except the Home Depot car. They need to bling that sucker up a bit.

4. When a driver gets into trouble he has to take a penalty lap through pit road. I wondered what the heck that was about.

5. Some people don't know that it's not appropriate to bring babies to the track. Dumb asses!

6. Fans gesture a lot at their favorite driver as they pass by. Fist pumps, parade waves, etc. Don't they know the driver can't see them?

7. Scantily clad Marines don't seem to mind the cold. HOORAH!

8. "Dirty Jobs" Mike Rowe is a lot shorter than I thought but just as nice as I imagined. (Still can't believe I got to meet him!)

9. Dollar General signs are everywhere and they sponsor the 300. I guess that means they sell a crap-ton of $1 items nationwide.

10. NASCAR racing is much more interesting when someone wrecks.