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9 Months? Are You Kidding Me?

9 months is three quarters of a year. 273.75 days. (I did the math!) And that's exactly how long it took me to get reimbursed by our insurance company for dental work I had done in January. You may have heard one of the Link personalities make jokes, on-air, about how bad our insurance is. For example: "If one of us is ever shot we'd have to remove the bullet ourselves and then pay $5,000 for a bandaid". (That was one of mine, by the way.) Well, sometimes jokes stem from reality.

Before going to the dentist to get a crown I had trouble for months with my tooth; sensitivity to hot and cold, pain when I chewed, the usual. Since I talk for a living I didn't want to wait until the situation was so bad I'd need a root canal, so I made an appointment and had the work done. Even though my dentist sent the insurance company a picture of my old filling, that was clearly broken in several different places down to the gum, the insurance company sent me a letter stating that I paid for unnecessary work. I called them after reading it and told them there must have been a mistake because I'd been experiencing pain, and my filling was obviously damaged. (Which was no surprise since I'd had it since I was 9!) Still they denied my claim- again, and again.

Long story short, thanks to Carla at Ballantyne Center For Dentistry- who wrote the company on my behalf attaching the photos again along with Dr. Yaste's explanation as to why I needed the crown- I finally received a check in the mail today and I about fell over. To be honest, 3 months ago I'd pretty much thrown in the towel and had given up. Never in a million years did I think they'd ever do the right thing and reimburse me for what my insurance policy is supposed to cover- HALF- yet they did.

Thanks Carla and tell Dr. Yaste I'll be in soon because a filling on my left side is giving me fits now. Get ready for another round with you-know-who!