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  • A Schools Anti-Bullying Flyer

    You'll be absolutely shocked when you read the anti-bullying rules school officials in Lincoln Nebraska sent home with kids.  Basically telling kids that they're bullied because they don't know how to be a good friend.  Read them for yourself and see what you think.  Read More
  • Daily Dilemma- No Sex For How Long?

    Dear Kelly,  I've been married for 18 years and my husband and I stopped having sex over two years ago.  At first I thought he must be cheating but when I confronted him about my suspicions he denied it.  I just couldn't understand how any man could go without sex so I figured he was getting it somewhere else.  However, because I'm dealing with peri-menopause I'm not all that interested in it either but I feel like we need to stay close in order to stay married.  What should I do? Read More
  • Teachers These Days....

    They seem to be a lot more entertaining, that's for sure!  A Utah teacher wanted her high school students to come up with slang terms for private parts.  Here's the story Read More
  • He Took A Selfie Near A Train

    Definitely don't try this....but DO watch the video!  What a tool, and yet it's pretty wild to see him get kicked in the head by the conductor.  Read More

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