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  • "I Lived" by One Republic

    Wow.  It's rare that a video moves me to tears but this one is about, and stars, a young man living with Cystic Fibrosis.  Meet Bryan Warnecke. Read More
  • Rod Stewart? Is that you?

    A Rod The Bod look-alike is in New York City scamming free booze and food by claiming he is the famous singer.  Do you think he looks like Rod Stewart? Read More
  • It's Finally Happened...

    I'm attracted to Brad Pitt.  I never used to find him attractive and then he developed laugh lines and grew some grey hairs.  Proving the theory that women get old, and men just get better looking.  (LOVE his sexy GQ cover photo) Read More
  • Nestle Fitness Bra Cam

    This is one way to raise breast cancer awareness!  A hidden bra cam worn by a woman wondering around London with her bright pink bra popping out of her sweater.  How many times will people glance at her breasts?  Watch and find out! Read More

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