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  • Underwater Puppies!

    And I thought I had a great job!  Photographer Seth Casteel plays in the water with animals and babies to make his living.  His Underwater Puppies photos are awesome and guaranteed to make you smile.  Read More
  • Gone Forever?

    Even though I don't eat fast food I felt someone devastated while reading the list of the 10 Fast Food Items That Are Gone Forever.  Especially the Wendy's Super Bar because I worked at Wendy's as a teen.  Here's the list but you'll have to get your own tissue.  Read More
  • Model Embraces Skin Condition

    I know who I'm going to be cheering for when America's Next Top Model returns!  This 20-year-old who suffers from Vitiligo proves that beauty is skin deep.  Here's the link to her story.  Read More
  • Emergency Call About A Chicken

    A chicken was crossing the road in Portland, Oregon so obviously police were called.  Read More

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