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  • Worst Toys Of 2014

    The following are toys...FOR CHILDREN!  Yet they can all maim and harm and, depending on where they're used, possibly even kill.  Needless to say, DO NOT buy these for your kids.  Read More
  • Why I'm Leaving Radio

    Thanks to Mark Washburn from the Charlotte Observer for the love.  I am retiring from radio to focus on my voicing and media company.  Here's the story... Read More
  • Mini-Van Crash Test

    If you drive a Nissan Quest, a Chrysler Town and Country, or a Dodge Grand Caravan then you definitely need to read this report.  These mini-vans showed extreme danger to the driver in a low speed left corner crash.  SCARY stuff! Read More
  • Guy Fieri? Is that you?

    A talented photoshopper had a little fun with Guy's signature look, and make him literally unrecognizable!  Is it just me or does he look heavier without the crazy hair to distract from his full face?  Read More

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