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  • Ghostbusters Krispy Kremes

    Krispy Kreme is paying tribute to the Ghostbusters movies with a limited edition marshmallow filled pillow of goodness!  The folks from E! were the first to try them and this is their official donut review.  Read More
  • Skydiving Dogs- Animal Abuse?

    I think it's horrible that some people are taking their dogs skydiving.  The pet owner in this video says his dog loved it.  How does he know?!!!! Read More
  • American Ninja Warrior USHER

    Usher did the American Ninja Warrior challenge on the Ellen show without practicing.  I think he roced it!  What do you think? Read More
  • That's One Slippery Baby!

    Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy got to help deliver his son and was really surprised by how slippery he was.  Check out the cute family photo from the hospital!  Read More

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