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  • BEST MUGSHOT EVER! No really!!!

    I apologize in advance for my inappropriate laughter as I know this guy is a criminal, allegedly, but I can't help cracking up over his mugshot.  Try not to laugh.  I dare you! Read More
  • Ellen Scares Cam From Modern Family

    Eric Stonestreet is a great actor but is so naive!  Did he really think Ellen wouldn't try to scare him for a 4th time?  (Insert evil laugh here while watching the video.) Read More
  • Jobs That Attract Psychopaths

    Why am I surprised that Radio and TV Personality is #3 on the list of the Top 10 Jobs That Attract Psychopaths?  I shouldn't be!  See if your job made the list and which career you should pursue if you want to avoid crazy people!  Read More
  • Don't Eat The Sushi!

    I cannot believe a Chinese man couldn't tell bad sushi from good but he ate sushi contaminated with tapeworm eggs and now his body is RIDDLED with tapeworms!  OH MY GOSH check out his x-rays! Read More

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