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Apps The Kids Are Using

Parents....I don't envy you.  If we'd had all of the technology available to kids today back when we were young, we would have gotten into trouble too.  Here's a list of the most popular social media sites or apps that kids are using today.  Read more...

The CMT Network Oopsie

The higher ups at CMT should be blushing today after word got out about their casting method for a new teen reality intervention show.  Check out the casting social media posting that tricked these kids into signing up for a show they thought would be about partying like rock stars.  Read more...

Milking! (No cow necessary)

Take a look at what the kids are doing in England.  MILKING.  It's hilarious!  But, NO, I wouldn't do it (unless paid, of course).  Read more...

Teens And Body Building

You may think their body building is a perfectly normal habit but you may not realize it's a dangerous one if they're using supplements in order to build muscle.  Find out why hereRead more...

Drunk Driving Not For Teens

Tougher laws have drastically lowered the incidence of teen DUIs. Read more...