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Okay To Drink When Pregnant

I'm just sharing the latest research, however there's no way I'd be tossing back an adult beverage if I had another human being growing inside of me.  Just saying!  Read more...

Avoiding The Flu While Pregnant

No one wants to get sick but the research now shows that the flu can cause mental illness in childen exposed to the flu in utero. Here's why. Read more...

Daily Dilemma- Pregnancy Secrecy Blown

Dear Kelly,

I'm pregnant with my first child and was hoping to keep the news a secret until I was at least 3 months along.  Well, my husband told his parents and told them not to tell anyone but they did.  His mother posted the news on Facebook and now my family is angry because they had to find out on-line from my in-laws.  I'm upset because I know that first pregnancies can be iffy and now I'm nervous that something will go wrong and everyone will have to be told. Read more...