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How Are Your Parenting Skills?

There's good news if you thought you were slacking by letting the TV babysit your child for an hour or two a day, but bad news if you slack on setting a bedtime!  They also cover sending children to school sick, etc.  Interesting reading! Read more...

Daily Dilemma- Obsessed With Her Child

Dear Kelly, 

Parenting Mistakes

Here's a list of the mistakes child experts deem to be the worst. Read more...

Are You REALLY A Single Parent

I don't agree with these statistics considering the majority of "single parents" live with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Take a look. Read more...

Tell-Tale Signs You're A Parent

Really? You lick food off your kids faces? Take a look at the other reasons why everyone knows you're a parent before you even open your mouth to tell them about your kids. Read more...