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Saving Half Of Your Income

Forget about the 30 Day Spending Diet....try living off of half of your income!  Check out this U.S. News & World Report on the subject of saving for retirement.  Read more...

Child Care -vs- College Tuition

It's pretty sad that, in some states, child care costs 4 times as much as state college tuition! Read more...

What The Stars Make

Holy Moly!  I knew Jon Stewart and Mark Harmon had to make a butt-ton of money but I didn't know how much until I read this list.  Read more...

Giving To Charity?

If you regularly give to charity you'll want to take a look at this list before writing your next check!  The Top 10 Worst Charities In The U.S.! Read more...

Daily Dilemma - I Found Cash in My Rental Car


I have a moral question to pose to you and your listeners.  If you rented a car and found money in the glove box, would you return it?  I recently had my car in the shop and rented a car for a few days while it was being worked on.  It wasn't until the day I was going to return it that I opened the glove box and found an envelope with money in it.  It wasn't a fortune, mind you, but a few hundred dollars.  I first put it in my wallet and went on about my business, and now my guilt is tugging on me a bit.

What would you have done?
Feeling Guilty

Dear F.G.,

Highest Paid Musicians for 2012

I'm really shocked over everyone in the top 3.  I can't believe Lady Gaga and Katy Perry aren't the biggest money makers!  Here's the listRead more...