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Connecticut Mom Delivers Own Baby

It's not like she had a choice, but still!  I couldn't have done it.  Here's her story and photo with her beautiful new baby girl.  Read more...

The Daily Dilemma- Scared Mom Or Just Rude?

Dear Kelly,

Daily Dilemma - Thanksgiving With a Felon

Hi Kelly,

I want my mom to come over for Thanksgiving but I don't feel comfortable with her bringing her boyfriend.  I have teenagers and her "New Love", as she calls him, was released from prison not too long ago after serving time for possession with intent.  Is it terribly rude to tell her, "Hey mom.  We'll see you at 11 but you can't come if you're felon pal is in tow."?

Makes Better Choices

Daily Dilemma - My Pervy Preschooler

Dear Kelly,
My 4 year old son has a horrible habit that I can't seem to break him of.  When he was two, I thought it was funny but now I just find it embarrassing!  Read more...

Daily Dilemma - Her Son Has Cooties!

Hi Kelly,

Daily Dilemma - Grieving Together

Dear Kelly,

You're So Rude!

Especting Mothers are frequently the target of rude comments. Here's the top 10 list. visit site Read more...

Daily Dilemma- It's MY Wedding!

Hi Kelly, 

I'm having serious issues with my mom, especially after she acted like a you-know-what at my wedding. For months she's been unpredictable and moody, but basically just a selfish, self-motivated pain in the rear. When I called to tell her that I was engaged she could have cared less. However, she flipped her lid when my fiancé's mom decided to help with wedding plans. Then, at the wedding, she told the hairstylist that she wanted her hair to look just like mine. Are you kidding me? Who's wedding was it? I put a stop to that but I don't know how I can deal with her behavior any more- other than avoiding her. Read more...