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Stuff talked about on Kelly McKay's show.

Daily Dilemma - My Husband, the Martyr

Dear Kelly,

Daily Dilemma - My Girlie Man

Dear Kelly,
My husband and I reverse roles during the holidays: he likes to decorate and bake and I like to sit around and complain about how he's going overboard with Christmas.  Our friends make fun of us because, whenever they come over, he's the one offering them drinks and dessert while I'm kicking back enjoying my beverag Read more...

Daily Dilemma - My Husband, the Flirt

Dear Kelly,

Haircut Saves Man's Life

In support of his Wife's battle against Breast Cancer, he shaved his head, revealing his own cancer. Read more. Read more...

Daily Dilemma - Congratulations! It's a puppy!

Dear Kelly,
My husband found a puppy that someone had dumped off along side the road and he brought it home.  I'm sure I would have done the same thing, but what I wouldn't have done was immediately tell my son that it's his puppy and then let him name it.  Instead, I would have rescued the puppy and found it a good h Read more...