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Stuff talked about on Kelly McKay's show.

Throw Down At McDonald's

You have to be short a few cards short of a deck or a true lover of breakfast to go bat s*^# crazy over not being able to order an Egg McMuffin!  Enjoy the photos and turn down the volume when watching the video.  (especially if you are at work) Read more...

Gone Forever?

Even though I don't eat fast food I felt someone devastated while reading the list of the 10 Fast Food Items That Are Gone Forever.  Especially the Wendy's Super Bar because I worked at Wendy's as a teen.  Here's the list but you'll have to get your own tissue.  Read more...

Fast Food Confessions

Before your next trip to your favorite fast food restaurant you need to read this:  Former employees confess which menu items they would NEVER consider eating and why.  Read more...

Play You Got to Pay

 180 min