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Daily Dilemma- Robbed Her Family

Dear Kelly,

Could You Live In This Tiny House?

This Texas family has lived in a 260-square foot home for 6 years!  How long do you think you could survive living so closely with your family? Read more...

Daily Dilemma- Really Didn't Mean It

Dear Kelly,

A Family That RVs Together....

I try not to judge others but I just can't understand how anyone would think living in an RV was fun and exciting.  Especially when you're living with 13 other people!  Take a look... Read more...

Daily Dilemma - I Want Kids After All


My husband and I discussed whether or not to have children before we got married. That was five years ago and, at the time, we'd both agreed we didn't want any.  Recently, though, I've had a change of heart and really want to be a mother.  I've told my husband how I feel yet he's still adamant that he doesn't want children.  I think he's being stubborn and selfish but he told me that I'm either going back on my word or lied to him five years ago.  I'm at a loss as what to do next.



Daily Dilemma - She Brings Her Own Pillows

Dear Kelly,

My mother is coming for a visit which means the shipments of sheets, towels, and even kitchen appliances will be arriving any day now.  Even though I'm a grown woman with a successful career, she doesn't seem to trust that I can make her comfortable when she comes to stay with me.  I told her that I have sheets and towels but she says hers are much softer.  I said that I have a toaster and coffee maker but she complains that mine are difficult to use.  I feel like I can't do anything right in her eyes but, when I tell her that, she says I'm being silly.  Am I?

Suzy Homemaker

Dear Suzy,

Of course you're not being silly for feeling the way you do.  Although, you may want to consider that your mom is shipping things to your place so she can feel more at home while away.  Some people get so in their comfort zone that they can't even sleep when they travel.  Having her own sheets on your bed may help her rest better, and if she likes the way her coffee tastes at home she may seriously believe it has everything to do with the coffee maker instead of the bean.  Just be happy she wants to go to the trouble of shipping her stuff to you so she can really relax and enjoy her time at your place. 

Have fun!
Kelly McKay

Daily Dilemma

Dear Kelly,